Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Whole Foods Animal Compassion Foundation

Ok, maybe we are just a bit too fond of Whole Foods. I mean, the other day we were musing about places to live in this country, when we realized that actually, there are only 181 places we would consider because that's how many Whole Foods locations there are and we need to be within 3 miles of one. But honestly, you have to love a store that comes up with "Compassion Day".

If you shop at Whole Foods today, 5% of your purchases will be donated to the Animal Compassion Foundation, an association sponsored by the company to help producers evolve their practices for raising farm animals naturally and humanely.

It is an independent, non-profit organization for ranchers and farmers that will disseminate information about animal welfare husbandry. Whole Foods is also developing standards for enviroments that support the animal's physical, emotional and behavioral needs.

Maybe we will soon start to see "Animal Compassionate" along with "Organic" labels on our food.


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