Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Olive Blogging

It's still raining outside, but not for me. I am imagining what it was like in the place we call southern Italy, but before the Italians, the Romans, even before the Greeks graced the spot sporting the latest in leather sandals. Then there were the Enotrians, the wine lovers, as the Greeks came to call them. It is 1000 BC. Wind rustles the leaves of the olive trees. I gaze at a cloudless blue sky. The air is quiet and still except for a few birds challenging territories through song. The squeak of a potter's wheel in the distance. A splash of wine poured into a glass. The leathery wheeze of an olive press. Maybe I amble over to fill my bronze vessel with a little olive oil for skin pampering later. Well, a girl can dream, can't she?

Now you might ask what inspired this bit of daydreaming? A rare example of a pre-greek site is going to be excavated in southern Italy, a happening place even before the Greeks arrived. And I discovered this news by way of the fabulously interesting web site, the olive blog.

This is a site singularly devoted to the Olive. There are always fascinating tidbits of information offered. If you aren't reading the Olive blog, you might overlook the auction notice for the entire the village of Peccioli located in the hills between Pisa and Florence, and miss your chance to live the Tuscan lifestyle amid the olive trees - there's great inspiration for a daydream! Perhaps you have more modest dreams - simply to admire Roman mosaics from the Bardo museum in Tunisia. Or to make olive oil ice cream. Interested in olive commerce? This is the place to learn why Spanish olive oil will be more expensive. Want to learn the latest on olive oil nutrition? Or explore some olive festivals? This is the spot.

So stop on by and say hello to the olive blog. You will find something to dream about, even if it's just a molten chocolate plate doused in extra-virgin olive oil and sprinkled with Celtic sea salt.


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