Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dining Out

Since L. and I found ourselves in Oakland last evening, we decided to check out Pizzaiolo on Telegraph Avenue.

The chef, Charlie Hallowell, was written up in last Sunday's SF Chronicle as a Rising Star. And the restaurant has a glowing review here. What this means is that you will likely find all the seats taken (yes, even on Tuesdays) and have to wait for your table. But in the meantime you can enjoy the people watching. Last night we sat next to actor Delroy Lindo. And we also saw a well known San Francisco-based food blogger enjoying her meal there.

L. and I loved all our dishes, but especially the moroccan salad composed of beets, carrots and celeriac with its delicate mix of flavors. Well, ok, L. really loved his polenta with gorgonzola too.

A delightful evening and on the way back to Los Gatos, zooming down 880, I was amused to spy the Wedding Gown Superstore. Does that strike you as funny?


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